Making a Microsoft Word Broken-Line Graph

The tool bar at the top of your page should look something like:

 Click and hold wpe12.jpg (794 bytes)on the top tool bar. Drag the cursor to select then number of rows and columns you want on your table. In this example I have chosen 6 rows and 2 columns

If you can not see the gridlines then use your cursor to highlight the invisible table you made:

then go into the Table menu and select Gridlines.


The gridlines should be visible now. Enter your data.
Exercise Time (min) Pulse Rate (pulses/min)
0 70
1 80
2 90
3 95
4 100

Highlight the portion of your data that you want to include in your pie chart and press on the tool bar at the top of the page.

Select Line on the ChartWizard screen that appears.

Select Next.

Select the format 5 for your Line chart then click on Next.

This step is critical. For this Pie Chart it must be set up this way. You may need to experiment with these settings for your chart.

Enter a Chart Title, X-axis and Y-axis Titles and indicate whether you want the legend attached. Click on Finish when you are done.

Your Broken Line Graph is done!!

If you need to adust the size of the graph.