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Grade 7:  The Learning Equation Math

31.02 Circle Problems

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Refresher pp 56-57

Learning Outcomes:

The student will:


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r = radius

d = diameter

C = Circumference

p = C/d = 3.14...

source:  Circle Notes


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C = 2pr

C/2 = pr

The circle (C = 2pr) shown has the area shaded blue and red. Consider the sectors as pieces joined on the circumference, able to be opened out in the two halves. By inter-weaving the sectors, we get the picture shown below where:
  • the base of the parallelogram is half of the circumference (pr)
  • and the height is the radius (r)



A = bh

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height(h) = r


A = bh = pr(r) =  pr2

Source:  Lesson Plan - Area of a circle


Drag the handle to change the size of the radius and diameter. Study the change in circumference and area as you do so.


Circle Calulator

  • Enter a value in for one of the following
  • Click the Enter

p = C/d = 3.14...

Radius(r): cm
Diameter(d): cm
Circumference(C): cm
Area(A): cm2


Key Terms: A-E F-J K-O P-R S-Z

diameter, radius, circumference, area, dimensions, perimeter, trapezoid, mass, volume

Prerequisite Skills:

Circle Measurement:  Grade 7 Lesson 31.01



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