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Grade 9:  The Learning Equation Math

22.01 Exploring Algebra Tiles

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Variables and Equations

Refresher pp 32-33


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Prerequisite Skills:

Key Terms            

algebra, algebraic equation, algebraic expression, solution, variable

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The student will:

Algebra Tile Review

Algebra tiles have a variety of other names: algetiles, math tiles, and virtual tiles.  Algebra tiles can help you visualize equivalent algebraic expressions and/or equations.  Many of the real tiles have a positive and a negative side. The virtual algebra tiles activities will use multi-coloured positive tiles. The reverse (negative) side of each of these tiles is red. It helps to understand that negative tiles have one positive and one negative dimension.

Some algebra kits use black tiles for positive areas and red for the flip (negative) sides. Click the "Black/Red Tiles" button for additional information.



Algebra Tiles and the Distributive Property




Solving Two-Step Linear Equations

2x - 3 = 5

The "Examples" includes a number of examples where Algebra Tiles are used to solve a linear equation. Select "ax + b = c" from the "Algebra Tiles Practice" section to generate other linear equation examples. Virtual tiles are provided as a resource. Click the step buttons to see the work symbolically.

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Make Your Own Algebra Tiles


Enrichment        Learning Outcomes       Review        Key Terms        Prerequisite Skills


Virtual Algebra Tiles:

It Works

Algebra Tiles



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