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Requested by:  Jim Reed
Text:  Science Directions 7, 8, 9
#Groups 6
Grade Christian Science  Program
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Date(s) required:  February 4, 2000  (1:00 - 3:00 p.m.)

Grade 7 Unit 4 - Temperature and Heat

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1 197 Activity 4-1:  Hot or Cold three 4L buckets for water of different temperatures.
200 Activity 4-3:   Heating a Pop Bottle empty glass pop bottle (small size), 25-cent piece, timer
201 Activity 4-4:   Heating Water See diagram on page 201 of   Science Directions 7.   One-hole stopper with glass or plastic tubing already inserted, Erlenmeyer flask, ring clamp, food coloring, hot plate
2 208 Activity 4-7:   Making a Liquid Thermometer See diagram on page 208 of   Science Directions 7..  two-holed stopper with glass or plastic tubing and thermometer already inserted, food coloring, Erlenmeyer flask, masking tape, ball and ring apparatus.
210 Activity 4-8:   Making a Solid Thermometer bimetallic strip attached to a handle, hotplate
3 219 Activity 4-10:   Mixing Hot and Cold Water 2 large plastic cups or beakers, thermometer, 100 mL graduated cylinder
223 Activity 4-12:  Ice to Water 500 mL beaker, thermometer, stirring rod, timer, crushed ice
224 Activity 4-13:  Water to Steam stand and ring assembly, beaker, hot plate, timer
4 229 Activity 4-15:  Heat and Evaporation support stand and thermometer clamp, facial tissues, beaker
236 Station 10:  Activity 4-17:   Energy from Food (calls for a can, but I did something different that worked-I will think of it before the next lab) peanut, pin, cork or potato, Pyrex test tube,10-mL graduated cylinder, thermoemeter, matches, safety glasses